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Electric Lockout Kit

a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices..

b) For locking off all kinds of circuit breakers, switches, etc.

c) All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag.

d) Tool bag size: 16 inches.


The components as below:

1. Lockout bag (LB02) 1pc

2. Safety padlock(P38S) 2pcs

3. Short shackle laminated padlock(LP01) 1pc

4. Long shackle laminated padlock(LP05) 1pc

5. Lockout hasp (SH01) 1pc

6. Lockout hasp (SH02) 1pc

7. POS,PIS,POW each 1pc

8. Breaker lockout(CBL01) 1pc

9. Breaker lockout(CBL02) 1pc

10. Breaker lockout(CBL11) 1pc

11. Breaker lockout(CBL12) 1pc

12. Small plug lockout(EPL01) 1pc

13. Large plug lockout(EPL02) 1pc

14. Switch button lockout(SBL01) 1pc

15. Switch button lockout(SBL03) 1pc

16. Air source lockout(ASL02) 1pc

Electrical Lockout Kit

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